Sunday, October 11, 2009

Southern Connecticut State University MFA

We're not sure when SCSU began offering the CW MFA. The first edition of TK's Handbook listed the M.A. and M.S. No MFA available back then. This particular institution now offers an MFA in poetry and fiction. This is good news for Connecticut applicants who don't want to move.


kaybay said...

I was curious about the program, so I looked it up. Now, I "quick-glanced" the website, but it did mention that T.A.'s are offered, but only for one year and do not come with a tuition waiver. So, the funding situation's not exactly ideal.

CAP said...

I just graduated from the SCSU program with an MA in English, concentration in creative writing. This is the first year of the MFA program at Southern. The funding situation may not be ideal but there are grants available though the graduate school and to be honest, since it is a state school, the tuition in more than affordable. I worked full-time and was a full-time grad student and was able to pay for the classes right out without loans. I don't know how the MFA program is exactly but I do know that the professors are planning to run the classes the same as before. I have had all of the poetry and fiction professors for teachers and they are all wonderful, very patient and generous with their time. And they truly know what they are talking about. My writing greatly improved after just a few classes. I do know that you will have classes with MA students. Overall, I attended Southern because it was close to home and affordable but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the English department. I have lived in the area my entire life so if anyone has any questions about New Haven, just send me a message.

DriveAllNight said...

Hi, I’m currently an MFA student at SCSU. I’m a fiction writer. I can’t say enough good things about the program. First off, it’s small: only six fiction writers and six poets are accepted each year. I’m already impressed by all of my talented classmates. It’s also the only full-residency program in Connecticut. I’ll echo the poster above and tell you that the professors are terrific. They’re extremely helpful, yet hold you to high standards. Cross-genre work is required and encouraged. There’s a visiting writers’ series, a graduate literary magazine, and Connecticut Review (a joint effort by all the CSU schools). You also get the benefits of living in a great college city. Southern is only about two miles from downtown New Haven and all it has to offer. For example, I went to a fiction reading in the venerable Anchor Bar last month (just steps from Yale) and the room was packed.

I’m currently a TA in the program. I like that you get to intern in a composition class first before teaching your own, and you get an experienced mentor to guide you. True, it doesn’t have a tuition waver, and it’s only for one year, but I’ve found that everyone at Southern really makes an effort to get the graduate students as much funding as they can. The program’s only in its first year, so I’m sure that they are working on increasing the funding. Since Southern is a state school, however, the tuition is extremely reasonable, especially if you are in-state.

Here’s a link to last year’s article announcing the MFA program, from which you can also access all the pertinent information on the English department website:

Hope this helps. I’m extremely happy with Southern.

universityloveconnection said...

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