Sunday, April 20, 2014

How Iowa Flattened Literature?

This is an interesting article -- How Iowa Flattened Literature -- about the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop, though I'm taking it with a grain of salt. The subtitle is: "With CIA help, writers were enlisted to battle both Communism and eggheaded abstraction. The damage to writing lingers."

"Did the CIA fund creative writing in America? The idea seems like the invention of a creative writer. Yet once upon a time (1967, to be exact), Paul Engle received money from the Farfield Foundation to support international writing at the University of Iowa. The Farfield Foundation was not really a foundation; it was a CIA front that supported cultural operations, mostly in Europe, through an organization called the Congress for Cultural Freedom."


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Wow, read that article and it tends to be shocking for me in some way. Lots of strange things occurred during the Cold War and they still have an impact on the contemporary world. I believe that it was a right decision even thou it may sound controversial. It's interesting how effective the workshop was. I attended similar one, but still have troubles with sentence correction. Hope I will learn to deal with it in the nearest future.

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