Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mailbag on its way

All right, I'm still trying to carve time for the mailbag. Friday definitely. In the meantime, two important things:

1. Anxious in Aurora has put up a blog that will keep track of acceptances and rejections from various programs. This will give some insight into how things are falling into place. The website is

Thanks Aurora.

2. I received an interesting question that I'll respond to on Friday. For those of you visiting now, feel free to list your own response in the comments section. Intriguing perspective here.

"I am new to creative writing. I looked over the AWP Guide to Writing Programs. You have to pick: fiction. Poetry. Non fiction. Maybe creative non fiction. But then I read your blog, and I hear lots of people besides me cant seem to fit themselves into one of these categories. Lots of great writers wrote in multiple genres and/or blended genres. So I'm thinking this business of categorization, of forcing an applicant to choose before he/she even starts, is ridiculous. In fact, I think in the culture the boundaires between the genres is breaking down, and the MFA programs are slow to pick up on this, they're not behind the 8 ball.
My question: what 's your opinion on this subject?

-- Puzzled in Petaluma


Anonymous said...

Just devoured your book last weekend. It was so informative and enjoyable - thank you! I wish I'd had it before to help me wade through MFA program descriptions. I've been looking everywhere for a book like this - should be required reading as a supplement to the AWP guide or on its own. Your tidbits on the website were what led me to buy the book, if that helps quell your dad's fears.
- Minnesota hopeful

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom,

In response to your request, I have decided to begin my own blog concerning MFA acceptances. Please post a link to it so that people can let me know what schools they've heard back from.

Thanks alot. By the way, the blog has been a tremendous help. I commend your selfless work.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when they notify next year's Stegners? I've heard April first, but I've also heard the actual winners hear a lot earlier.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I like CalArts program for this reason- they realize that such boundaries are silly and that their structure (a sort of hybrid everything) will be the trend in the future. I know the Bard program is that same way- you don't have to specify a certain genre... but I've heard lots of bad things about that program.