Saturday, April 01, 2006

Anyone Wish to Comment about Online MFAs?

Somewhat Stymied in Germany asks about the Online MFAs at Warnborough University and National University. I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to his questions, but I can post them here and hope that someone will:

(1) Is there a lot of skepticism about these online programs amongst other MFA program faculty and students? If there is such skepticism, please comment about how low-residency MFA programs were viewed back when there were few or none of them around.

(2) Did the low-res programs go through an evolution during which they were viewed skeptically, then as more pioneering, then as simply another option for those who needed more options?

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Alyssa Brown said...

Hi MFA Bloggers:

I noticed that the University of Texas El-Paso also offers an online MFA degree, but it won't be operating a full capacity until Spring 2009.

I know this post is very old (it's from 2006), but since it has no comments, I was wondering if anyone has developed any opinions/reviews regarding online MFAs as opposed to low-res MFAs.

Any comments would be appreciated.