Friday, April 28, 2006

Poetry Programs in the Midwest

Miffed Michiganer writes...

i'm an undergraduate student in michigan, and am looking to stay in the
midwest to get an mfa in poetry. what programs are strong in poetry faculty?
i am considering purdue, michigan, pitt, notre dame, and roosevelt. what are
your thoughts on roosevelt? thanks for all the great insights

I don't know much about the Roosevelt Program, but it looks like an interesting one. Anyone out there have some insights?

In addition to Purdue, Michigan, Pitt, and Notre Dame, I'd encourage you to look into Iowa, Washington (Missouri), Indiana, Montana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Rock on MM.


Anonymous said...

Missouri can be great--they pay everyone's way (or at least they used to). The only thing is that, within the program, it can be a kind of a popularity contest.

If you know how to play that kind of high-school game and win, and you're a good writer, Mizzou can be a great place. Loads of teaching experience. Faculty that give you loads ot attention.

One thing to note: the poetry faculty and the fiction faculty don't like each other (old, old, nasty squabble). And the fiction side has control of The Missouri Review. Meaning fiction students can work at the Missouri Review, but poetry students can't--unless they fall out with their teachers, which seems to happen to about 1 out of 5 people in poetry.

Cindy said...
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Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh. I went there. GREAT GREAT program, more so than when I went (lots of transitions going on with the teachers then). They understand the value of visiting professors for students, and have brought in great ones. The city is a good place to be for graduate school, fun urban feeling, a little industrial (though I hear they've torn down the old mills).

Tuscaloosa -- not to be ignored if you can be more flexible.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the others suggested, UIUC has a relatively new program. It's worth looking into:

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