Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News from Jason

News from our friend Jason...

Just wanted to let you know one of your loyal MFA blog readers from Day 1 penned the "Guy I Work With Who Always Comes Into My Office to Tell Me He Sent Me an E-mail Right After He Sends Me an E-mail," one.

I got into 6 of my 12 choices thanks in no small help to your blog. So thank you for that. I head to Bennington in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Which schools did you get into? Which ones didn't you?
Any pattern?
See anything that might've gotten you into some but not others?

Jason Michael MacLeod said...


Anonymous said...

that was funny.

Anonymous said...

No, there was no rhyme or reason to any of the acceptances. In the end I chose low-res due to personal reasons and not being able to leave where I live, but I did get some funded acceptances. I got denied at my "last" choice, and waitlisted at my #1. Who knows.

My advice would be to just do as Tom says and spit-polish your sample, apply to 8-12, and don't worry too much about the vagaries.