Thursday, June 22, 2006

SD State, SJ State, or Rosemont?

A letter from "No longer waiting, just trying to move on in Philly"...

I e-mailed you sometime ago about the atrociously long waiting list I was on for a few schools. Well, I did want to let you know that I was "called up" from the waiting list and I now have three eclectic universities to choose from. They are-San Diego State, San Jose State and Rosemont, a small private college in Philadelphia. Before I uproot my life (I plan on making a trip to California next week to check out housing options), I'm wondering if you are familiar with the reputations of these programs.

Believe me, I did a huge amount of research and I can spout statistics 'til the cows come home. I've spoken with faculty and even tried to round up some current students by e-mail. I am leaning towards San Diego, because it is so eclectic (and one of the writing samples I submitted was erotica) and Harold Jaffe is an instructor there and is considered "avant garde".

Any suggestions?

Philly, I really don't know enough to point you in any particular direction. I'm going to put a clamp on my man-facting.

Does anyone out there have insights into San Jose State, San Diego State, or Rosemont?


Anonymous said...

"I'm wondering if you are familiar with the reputations of these programs."

Well they have absolutely no reputations what so ever.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting off the waitlist. That's really exciting. I hope you're able to get some helpful advice. Good luck!

greenrose said...

I know three students from San Diego State, for poetry, and they all unanimously love it and their work is strong. Hope that helps!


I was in the poetry program at Rosemont last year and only stayed one semester. In my opinion, the program is too new. I'm not sure of the fiction side of it, but the poetry faculty consists of one woman. You take a lot of English and Publishing classes, so if that's your thing, it might be right for you. There are no teaching opportunities. Most of the students were doing it as a hobby, and already had their careers.

As a Philly resident, it was all there was (other than Temple's MA), so I gave it a try. I also worked at Rosemont, so I already knew a lot of people.
Now I will be going to school in NY but I wish Rosemont good luck and hope that it can gain the experience of other MFA programs. It is greatly needed.

Anonymous said...

I took an undergraduate/graduate fiction writing course with Jaffe at SDSU, and he drove me nuts. Maybe that's just me, but he seems to equate edgy with writing about the "dark underbelly" of society. he's big on serial killers and like to rant about online pornography. I'd be willing to bet your erotica submission earned points with him because of the risk in submitting a piece like that. I'm more familiar with the poetry profs, but the department as a whole is good. And they just moved to a brand new building on campus, for what that's worth.