Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Graduate Minors?

Newbie in New York writes...

While googling something about my creative writing MFA search, I came across something about graduate minors. I guess I had never thought about it, but do many schools offer minors during graduate studies? And (hopefully!) once I'm accepted to a MFA program would I even have the time to follow through with a minor in a different subject?

I've never heard of this, Newbie, though there are MFA programs that allow you to take classes in other departments. I took a number of photography courses and "New Media Writing" type offerings at UMass.

I'd appreciate hearing more about your search. And I'd also appreciate comments about programs with this outside-the-department flexibility.

I've never actually heard of a "Graduate Minor," though I've been surprised before.


Bhavin said...

I haven't heard of it, but that would be very cool to do.

hmgreene said...

Graduate minors definitely are offered at a few schools. Cornell offers minors in fields that aren't available as majors such as American Indian Studies. That's the first school that comes to mind, but I'm positive I've seen others during my research.