Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FSU MFA Up Close

Adrift in Arkansas writes in. We're glad to hear that things are going well...

i'm one of the two posters who originally began this question-turned-tirade last spring with "what's going on with florida state?" in a direct correlation, i am very happy that this blog no longer allows anonymous comments.

i described my situation to tom looking for answers, because i had legitimate concerns and was not getting anything from florida state at the time. well, i moved to tallahassee anyway, to enroll in the somewhat-new MFA degree program. since i've arrived, all my concerns have been put to bed. i feel as though this is a fantastic place for me to be. on the first day of the above-mentioned summer training course, a faculty member profusely apologized to all the new students for the mix-ups in the office last spring. it had to do with a change of office staff and faculty--lots of changes going on here--and the mix-ups with incoming students actually resulted in some people getting asked to leave their positions in the english office (nobody was fired, just moved). this was very reassuring, because last spring was rough for me. to top if off, lots of jerks were showering insults on fsu and their faculty as comments to my question on this blog, while i was actually making arrangements to move.

well, opinions founded in ignorance and a notoriously egocentric interview have nothing on actual experience. i'm thrilled to be here, and i ask that anyone looking for information for florida state ignore some of the things said on comments here. they have a strong literary climate here, with many good things going on, and the other students in the english dept have treated me as one of their own from the day i arrived. i am very happy with where i've landed, even if it is an hour north of where hurricanes often touch land (tallahassee never really gets hurricane damage, i'm told).

i would have never looked into florida state, by the way, if it were not for tom's wonderful blog. i saw something on this site last fall which piqued my interest, then i looked at their website, read tom's book, and eventually added florida state to my list of applications. i've said it before, but thank you, tom.

--dustin, a.k.a. adrift in arkansas


Mike said...

Why does Kealey keep creating a new thread as if this blog is all about the FSU program? Hmmmmmm strange.

Mike said...

Does Kealey favor a certain comment???

Adrian said...

It seems he favors certain MFA programs he has some connections with...

Tom Kealey said...

I add new threads about FSU because I receive interesting and relevant emails about it. I try to get all emails up in one way or the other.

If you'd like to send me an interesting and relevant email about a program, I'll put it up on the blog.

If you'd like to troll on the Blog and whisper conspiracy theories, then you can do that too. It's a free country and Internet.

I don't have any connection to FSU.

Mike said...

Man chill out. I just wondered what was the point of reposting a comment that’s been already posted in the comment section. You did that twice, both about the FSU program. Are we required to post a comment and then email it to you? Man you encouraged us to create a blog ID and post a comment but then accuse us of trolling? Are you sure you don’t have no connection to FSU even if the Stegner program is filled with FSU people? I heard many saying there had been some sort of agreement between Wolff and Butler…anyway we all know the Stegner program is fucked up like any other fellowship program.

Qfwfq said...


I remember that thread, and honestly you came off as a lot ruder and defensive than the anonymous posters.

I can appreciate that you felt some of the responses were not helpful TO YOU, but this is a site that many people read and the opinions being expressed (such as the poor quality of the faculty, which does indeed seem very poor especially with how arrogant the program sounded in that newsstory) might be helpful to other people than you who might consider FSU.

I'm glad that FSU is working out for you and I hopef it continues to do so, but I'd still caution future applicants to look closely at the program before applying.

dustin. said...

there were many snap judgement, rude, durogatory comments made. i had nothing to do with any of them. i posted a question and watched the show from the stands. the next time, in fact, that i've posted anything on this site was yesterday, and the original thread was from march/april. at that time, two people had nearly identical questions about florida state. i'll assume that you mistakely took me for the other person.
in case you're not picking this up, what i'm saying is that i haven't posted anything negative towards any person or entity on this site, period.
but what i have seen every time i've posted on this site since sometime earlier this year is that one cannot post a comment anymore without someone else trying to talk trash, take apart your comment, and vent their own frustrations by attacking your words.
so many assumptions are being made around here. i'd like to convince you that many people in the literary community, who are not trash-talking web bloggers, respect the faculty at fsu. but the truth is that i don't care. you are not rude, qfwqf, and i do not wish to accuse you of being rude, and likewise, i hope you'll look back and realize that i've gone out of my way to show respect to other posters and to post positive remarks on this blog. i think this blog is a good thing and should remain positive, and it disheartens me to see some of the juvenile remarks, not only to my posts, but to everyone's.

Qfwfq said...

Actually, I guess everyone was anonymous there so I shouldn't single you out. But whoever was in that thread insulting every poster who said anything against FSU was acting ridiculous and rude.

If anyone was a "jerk" in that thread, it was that person, not the people who were expressing their opinions on the program.

Qfwfq said...

Whoops, look like I didn't post that in time.


what i'm saying is that i haven't posted anything negative towards any person or entity on this site, period.

...lots of jerks...

Last time I checked, "jerks" was considered a fairly negative term.

And considering no one was acting jerky who said things against FSU, i'll have to assume you were just "venting your own frustrations" by attacking other posters.

Anonymous said...

A great story about Robert Olen Butler On the staff of the writing program:

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