Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Hampshire MFA Program

I don't have an answer to Two Days Drive from Boston's question, but maybe someone out there does?

I am working to narrow down my schools for an MFA in poetry. I
> recently learned that the University of New Hampshire has bumped
> the MA to an MFA. The number of workshops has increased to five,
> the two year MA has been upped to three for the MFA, the program
> requires a book length thesis, all that. It includes what they're
> calling an "uninterupted semester" to work strictly on the thesis.
> Whether that means just workshops and independent study, or just
> independent study, I'm not sure.
> ---Question is... Have you heard any buzz in the community about
> what can be expected from it? I know there are positive and
> negative things about brand new programs, but considering the
> already established MA with writing focus, do you know if the
> transition is expected to go smoothly? I'd love to hear your
> opinion and the opinion of your trusted readers.


Andrew Scott said...

Most transitions from the M.A. to M.F.A. go smoothly -- chances are, you would have done just as much work for the M.A., only now, you'll have an extra year and more face time with faculty. I was in the first M.F.A. class at New Mexico State, and the transition went smoothly because they'd had a great M.A. program for a long time. Good luck!

thethirdfloor said...

I'm at UNH now in the fiction program and I can tell you that the transition seems to be going very smoothly. The faculty for the most part are terrific and there is a strong sense of community among the students. The funding isn't bad and it isn't great. There are some full-tuition scholarships, some part-tuition scholarships, and a number of teaching assistantships which include a tuition waiver and a stipend. It's definitely a program worth looking into, particularly if you're interested in living in New England...

Unknown said...

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