Friday, September 15, 2006

Two M.A.s?

Muddled in Milwaukee writes in...

Excellent job on the website and the handbook, both of which I've used as I begin the process of applying to creative writing grad programs.

My question is, are MA degree programs in a concentration-in-creative-writing track open to someone who already holds an MA in English literature from another university? When I finish my MA in English lit at Marquette U this spring (which has no creative writing graduate program, MA or MFA), I'd like to go on to study creative writing. If I can apply to programs that just offer MA degrees in creative writing (such as U Wisconsin-Milwaukee or Miami U), that opens up my options a bit. (On the other hand, it seems as though I'd be appearing to apply to get the same degree all over again. Which is why I've been assuming the answer to my question is "No.")

Thanks for the kind words, Muddled, and I have more a solution to your question than an answer: There aren't very many M.A.'s in Creative Writing. I've listed them in the book, and since you have that, why don't you email those 4-5 programs and ask. And then, you can tell us what they said.

(This is a always a risk on the blog: remember, I teach for a living. You ask a question, and you get a homework assignment in return).

Most of the M.A.'s that involve CW are English degrees with concentrations, and you obviously wouldn't go that route because you've already got the English M.A. Rock on, Muddled.


Kistulentz said...

Hey Muddled-
As a general rule, the schools will consider the MA in creative writing a separate degree from an MA in lit. With the approval of either a department chair or a program director, you would most likely be able to use some of the credits to satisfy some requirements.

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