Monday, October 16, 2006

Any Comments about Bennington?


Hi Tom,

I've just been accepted to Bennington (in poetry), and I was wondering if any bloggers who are familiar with the program could share their thoughts and/or experiences.



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lighght2 said...

Oh, Bennington!
I began the poetry MFA around 2002. The faculty is what lured me, and also the New England mountain campus. Truly a magical place. Much greatness to be a part of in that community. The tolerance, however, for shenanigans, is extremely limited. I must say I pushed the envelope, but I was ultimately asked to leave the premises after a series of events in the winter of 2004. When you arrive, ask the administration about Andrew Early. I'm not sure who's on the faculty right now, but talk to other genre's faculty too. Just steer clear of the tea-sipping early-to-bed folk. They can't possibly understand one's need to self-destruct in the presence of other poets.