Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stanford Online Courses

From my friend Dan Colman over at Open Culture (

A quick fyi: Stanford Continuing Studies opened up registration for its fall lineup of online writing courses. Offered in partnership with the Stanford Creative Writing Program (one of the most distinguished writing programs in the country), these online courses give beginning and advanced writers, no matter where they live, the chance to refine their craft with gifted writing instructors.

Classes will start during the later this month. Unfortunately some of the classes are full. And a few only have a few spots left. For more information, click here, or separately check out the FAQ.

Caveat emptor: These classes are not free, and I helped set them up. So while I wholeheartedly believe in these courses, you can take my views with a grain of salt.


nathan said...

Just wondering, how good do these courses look on an MFA application? I was thinking of taking on online writing course from UCLA and listing it on my application. Are admissions folks impressed with online courses or is it generally not a big deal? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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harkinna said...

I have taken four classes throught the Stanford Online program, and had three professors. I really can't recommend the classes highly enough. The professors are great and very attentive and I understand that the classes are very similar to the classes found in a MFA program: you have weekly reading assignments and writing assignments, and you have to give feed back to others in the class. I think it is a great way to get into the writer community.

Unknown said...

Is there any sort of financial aid available? I would have loved to do this but I definitely don't have $750.

Mike said...

Can you guide me how can I join this online course of creative writing skills. My friend wants to know that so that's why I come here and asking you to guide us.