Thursday, July 07, 2011

A New Community for 2012 MFA Applicants

I hope--and do expect--this board will continue to be a vibrant presence in the online MFA applicant community, but since so many applicants are now spending time in and amongst more than one community of applicants, I thought I'd mention that the largest Facebook group for MFA applicants can be found here. It's a "closed" group, so conversations of a slightly more private nature can happen there than would or could happen in a more public forum. That said, the pace of the dialogue there is quite a bit faster than the pace here, so that won't necessarily work for everyone. Still, it's a great opportunity for this year's cohort of MFA applicants to be part of more than one community of like-minded, passionate individuals.

Also, I hope anyone who hops over there to join the discussion--amongst the group's 234 members and counting--will consider adding to the Where Are You Planning to Apply? document in the right-hand sidebar, as that information is useful for a variety of reasons and is one way to sort of "introduce yourself" into the community. Hope to see you there!


Chansi said...

I would like to suggest a topic for this blog: how to beef up applications for TAships.

As TAS are the primary route for funding an MFA, I'd like to know ways to make an application shine without actually having teaching experience.

And are there ways to get teaching experience without being certified?

I would appreciate any attention given to my request.

Benjamin said...

I'd like to say that the MFA Blog, the MFA Handbook, and your (Seth's) rankings have been incredibly useful for me as an incoming MFA applicant, and a lot of the content on this blog has even been inspiring for me. I really, really hope that the summer lull isn't going to keep you from posting new and interesting material. I know activity will pick up in the Fall. I'll certainly be hanging around a lot.

I'm part of the Facebook community, but it by no means replaces the role of MFA Blog for me. The blog is closer to the role of a forum--much easier to have elongated discussions and advice in this format, whereas the Facebook group is so demandingly fast-paced that it ends up not being particularly useful to me.

Anyway, don't stop what you're doing! And a minor question, will there be Funding 2012 rankings, or is "Funding" just going to be a static ranking that changes when and if funding info becomes available? You commented a while ago about programs that have changed drastically in ranking since the last information, so I'd like to take that into consideration! Thanks.

janine said...

Hi there,

I am trying to ascertain how many people attend the open day for the Hunter College Creative Writing MFA. I understand how important these open days are but as I am in Australia it will be a very costly exercise. I am willing to attend but if there are 500 prospective students all vying for face time it may not be a wise decision. Do you have any advise for international applicants?

x said...

Hey Janine,

There's an International Students' shout-out document + thread on the Facebook group. I'm one of them. Join us there! We're from the UK, Romania, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries.


Deecee said...

I've been accepted to Bennington and VCFA. Seth, in an older post, you said that "for your money," you'd go with Vermont. They both have similar tuition cost (and offered similar scholarships), so wondering on what basis you're making your recommendation. Thanks!

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