Sunday, January 29, 2006

Low-Residency Parents

A post from a Low-Residency Student/Parent, in response to a question in last week's mailbag.


Here was my answer to the woman asking about being a mom and going to low res. programs:

I am in my last semester of a low residency writing program--Stonecoast MFA Program-- a relative newcomer-- and I have to tell you that the experienc has been great. The thing about the low res. thing is that you are basically being tutored by people who really care about the art of writing.

Very early on in the program -- creating your first packet--you get to experience your own creative process--and have your mentor support it and guide you to the degree you want or need. I feel very solidly in my own process--and I feel like that is what the low res. thing promotes. ANd besides you have to learn about your creative process because all MFA programs come to an end and you have to figure out how to keep working

ANd besides, the residencies as well as being exhausting and overwhelming they are also inspiring and fun. The teachers are having as much fun as you are connecting and collaborating with other teachers. Or maybe this is just my program which toots itself as being very student oriented. I said during one residency we really needed to have yoga to get back in our bodies after all this stuff for our brains. Now there is yoga classes offered almost every day of the residency. There are many people with jobs, kids, lives outside of school --in fact one of the teachers brought her two children and husband to care for them to the residency becasue she is still nursing. ANother student has three or four young kids. It works.

I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.

-- Lowrespoet


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