Sunday, April 02, 2006

Adrift in Arkansas Gives a Shout Out to the Blog

Old-school reader Adrift in Arkansas offers some props to the blog. Thanks AiA.

i'd like to say, first, that i cannot express how much help your book and blog have been to me throughout this entire process/ordeal of applying to writing schools. i found interest in a number of programs i would not have otherwise been aware of [beyond the fact that they existed]. in turn, a couple of those schools--so far, hopefully the list is still growing--have expressed an interest in me.
without the benefit of the information you've laid at my feet, i would've chosen my list of schools from a decade old, poorly constructed set of rankings and a collection of pathetic university web sites. i most likely would not have chosen the schools that accepted me. and for that, i sincerely thank you, as well as those who helped you out.
i'd also like to say that i found your book to be an incredibly informative resource and guide. and quite funny, as well, which was a pleasant surprise.

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