Saturday, April 01, 2006

Affordable MFA in NYC?

Helpful in Harlem writes in response to last week's mailbag about NY City:

As a fellow cash-strapped New Yorker, I would strongly suggest looking into Hunter College-CUNY. According to their website, "Here you will find an MFA in writing for approximately $8,000." The program appears to be growing quickly under its new director, Peter Carey, the two-time Booker Prize winner. It may not be free, but it's the closest you can find in the New York area.


Anonymous said...

I was accepted at Hunter, NYU, the New School, and Columbia, with $12,500 per year in funding from the latter. I picked Hunter.

There is something special (if below TK's radar) going on at Hunter. They took 12 out of a rumored 400 applications this year. If you're one of the few who get in, you'll be somewhere with a lot of individual attention, and you're likely to get funding, too. Anyone considering an MFA in New York should give it a shot.

(PS. Wanted to give a shout-out to TK's guidebook. My copy took its time getting to me in the mail, but both the book and this blog are awesome -- thank you for both.)

Anonymous said...

I got into Hunter and Johns Hopkins. Hopkins offered me a full scholarship and a teaching job. I'm still undecided. MY instinct says Hunter, but my left brain says go to Baltimore.

Mina Nolan said...

I got into Hunter and Johns Hopkins. Hopkins offered me a full scholarship and a teaching job. I'm still undecided.affordable dissertation

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