Monday, April 10, 2006

Our First Review

Okay, our first review is in. From The Midwest Book Review:

The Creative Writing MFA Handbook by Tom Kealey (currently a teacher of fiction writing at Stanford University and winner of the Joseph Henry Jackson Award for his own short story collection "Coyotes") provides an expert and knowledgeable introduction to creative writing. With an outstanding grasp on the mechanics of creative writing and the competition for publication, Kealey informs the reader of profiles of fifty creative writing programs, offers sage advice for future students for making the most of their graduate program, and presents a genuine insider's look at accessible residency programs. Enhanced with interviews with program directors, college professors, and creative writing students, advice, as well as an invaluable checklist for the application process, advice sections about workshops, teaching assistants, and publishing in literary magazines, a comprehensive list of all graduate writing programs within and outside of the U.S., and hallmarks for excellence in a graduate writing program, The Creative Writing MFA Handbook is confidently recommended to all writers be they aspiring novelists, novice journalists, essayists, or considering entering a graduate writing program to hone their craft.


Anonymous said...

No mention of Adam Johnson's essay? As soon as I was done reading the Handbook I read Parasites Like Us and am now reading and enjoying Emporium.

aliya seen said...

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