Friday, April 07, 2006

Sewanee School of Letters MFA

An Anonymous Commenter starts our conversation about the Sewanee School of Letters. It's apparently a summer-only MFA. Here's the link to the site. Comments?

What do you all think about going to a brand NEW school suach as the Sewanee School of Letters at the U of the South? I love Erin McGraw who is going to teach the Fiction class this summer in June.

This MFA program only meets in the summer and can be completed in 4 summers. Only 10 to a class!


Anonymous said...

It's me again--the poster about the Sewanee School of Letters.
Thank you for your e-mail, and sorry that I wasn't able to re-write my question so that it was manageable. By the way,Tom, it appears that the program is 50% workshopping and 50% literature classes. The lit classes sound boring to me. 50% of them is a little too much. Not sure how this compares to Bennington and WWC, which turned me down.
Since no one has responded about the Sewanee MFA, I am wondering if I am the only one in the world who applied, or is ANYONE ELSE out there? If so what are your plans? Will you attend?

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