Saturday, April 01, 2006

Social Work and/or Writer?

No question here. Just a note from Awesome in Asheville. We appreciate him writing in.

I haven't read the book, but I think your blog is great! I wish I'd come across it sooner, like last fall when I was deciding between whether to apply to for my Masters in Social Work or an MFA in poetry. Well, I went for my MSW, partly because the MFA stuff seemed so mystifying, but also because of what you said, I can be a writer whatever I'm doing, and there might be more fuel for the fire doing counseling and working with people through another degree.

Maybe in 10 years though I will go back for an MFA. My best friend just got into Warren Wilson in poetry and, though I'm feeling a little jealous, I'm also proud (for her, of course, but also because I helped her edit a lot of her work!)

I also got into a great MSW program, and I think all the things I love about poems I will carry into the work I do as a therapist... people's inner lives, all the things about us we have to take a second look to understand.

Awesome in Asheville