Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ph.D. Requirements

Jaded in Japan writes…

What are the degree requirements for applying for a creative writing Ph.D program? That is, will a bachelor's degree suffice, or is an M.A. or M.F.A. needed in the same sense that they'd be needed if I were pursuing a literature Ph.D?

I contacted USC and they said I could apply to their Ph.D program with just a bachelor's, but Florida State said a master's was needed. Is there no standard? I would like a Ph.D, so I guess I'd rather start out in pursuit of one rather than getting an MFA and then a PhD (as I'd hate to go through application processes again).

Well JiJ, the answer is no, there is no standard. Some Ph.D. programs start in the first year of graduate programs, others begin in the third year (i.e. after a masters degree at that school or another). I’m afraid you’ll just have to go through the list (I’ve got one in the book of Ph.D. programs with Creative Writing) and see which one fits your needs.

In the meantime, readers can post any facts that they know on this post. The question: Which Ph.D. programs are five year programs, which are three year programs, and which offer both? Thanks.


Jason MacLeod said...

I'm pretty sure it's possible to go directly into Nebraska's Ph.d. in C.W. with just a B.A. That said, the three friends of mine who just got in there were all about to graduate with M.F.A's.

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