Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Same Questions, Same Answers

Cyn in the City writes:

I feel confident in my writing, but not so confident
in my abilities of being a student. So, here are the

1- Am I five years to late for the prom, or what? Are
there other 30 year olds...(or 31 year olds eh-hm)

2-Contacting current and former students seems to be
all the rage...How do I find them?

I've answered these questions many times on the blog and certainly in the book. Here goes again:

The average age of MFAers (non-scientific poll but I think relatively accurate): 28 years old. And, you contact current and former students by asking for their emails from the program coordinators. Rock on.

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Jason Michael MacLeod said...

I'm in the Montana MFA and I'm 32. (Of course I act 22, but that's another story . . .). There are two student in their 50's, one or two in their 40's a bunch in their 30's and quite a few late 20's. We do, of course, have several student pretty much right out of undergrad as well. Age really isn't an issue socially. There is more of a divide along poetry/fiction lines than there is along the lines of youngster VS olderster. So, not only have you not missed the prom, you still have time to find a hot date. Good luck!