Monday, June 12, 2006

Average MFA Age?

how old is an average MFA student, anyway? any stats on this? does it vary much from school to school, or region to region?

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TiTW, I haven't run across any stats, but in my non-scientific poll of a dozen former MFAers, the guess they all averaged was 28 years old. My sense is, that's about right.

But of course 'average' means that there are plenty of 22 year olds straight out of college, and plenty of 40 and 50 year olds seeking the degree. My sense is that the scale is some sort of warped Bell Curve, with 28 at the top of the curve.

Rock on, and thanks for the correspondence and friendship.


BlueVelveeta said...

Since I love few things more than anecdotal data, I thought I'd support Mr. Kealey's assertion by sharing that, being 27, should I luck out and be accepted somewhere next year, I will be starting my MFA at the age of...28.


Pote said...

This post is ancient, I see, but it worries me. /If/ I get into an MFA programme next year, I will be 20. And I'm not young for my class or anything (except by a few months). Hmm.

Unknown said...
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