Thursday, June 15, 2006

Calling Out Programs: Late Notifications

We had a post a few weeks back about programs that notified students WAY late. There's no reason that a program can't contact students by the end of April (assuming that the application deadline was in January).

Reader A.E. is calling out UC-Davis:

Another school to add to the list of shame: UC Davis. The school did not get back to me until last week (rejection, naturally). I called them in late April out of sheer curiosity to see what happened, and was told that if I haven't received a letter yet, then I was *probably* on the wait list, but that the program could not be certain. My politely phrased inquiry regarding a fee refund was taken as a joke.

Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the percentage chance is of a letter being lost in the mail? 0.05? 0.0001? Before we start stomping all over UC-Davis and Brown, is there anyway we can know for sure whether they even sent a letter out? Yes, we should dogpile the schools that don't notify applicants, but the USPS does make mistakes--A LOT of mistakes. And the people who work at universities who type addresses into mailing labels also foul-up.

Sumptin' to tink about...

Anonymous said...

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