Monday, June 19, 2006

Commenting on MFA Blog: Name-Only?

In regards to a little trolling action we had in the last two weeks, DW articulates what a lot of readers have suggested:


Ask that people post comments w/ a name or some kind of tag. Might prompt folks to be a bit more responsible/courteous/not-jerks in their posts.



1. I'm interested in only allowing registered Blogger users to comment on this Blog. You can become a registered Blogger user in about two minutes max.

2. This is not because of the trolling really. But it would help in that area.

3. The real reason: I think it might make for more of a community on the Blog. In other words, if Breathless in Bakersfield leaves a comment off of your comment, you can comment back. And, you can get a feel for personalities on the blog. And people can get a feel for yours.

So: What do you think? Would this change have a positive or negative impact on the blog? I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts.


Joseph Mains said...

If it's worth saying, it's worth owning.

Anonymous said...

i suppose it will have to do. accountability is a big issue plus your point on community also opened my eyes to that aspect. So here i am, contemplating the upkeep that will go into maintaining yet another blog. And to think, i promised myself that xanga would be the last one!

BlueVelveeta said...

I'm into it. I really like the idea of swapping comments/advice/commiseration with other people who are applying for or pursuing their MFAs.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a birth certificate involved.

Anonymous said...

Maybe posters should be able to leave a blogger identity *or* a website? Blogspot allows that, and then writers who have samples of their work on their sites could allow others to see who they are *as writers* if they choose.

Anonymous said...

"If it's worth saying, it's worth owning." --Gegeukemo


Bhavin said...

I like the idea, as you said, it would create more of a community of individuals and allow us to interact even beyond here. But it would definitely help with the accountability.

Jason Michael MacLeod said...

Voting yes. See classy comments in the post for why.

Also, it just makes it easier to respond to one another.

Plus, when we have the MFA Weblog convention in Vegas we can already have nametags printed up.