Friday, June 23, 2006

Extra Workshops in the Midwest?

Mr. Pen-demonium writes...

Are there particular MFA programs in the Midwest (for poetry) that
offer an especially high number of workshops as their curriculum?

I want a lot of opportunities to write (and get feedback) and I'm
wondering if you could recommend particular programs with such an

Mr. P, of course there are a few exceptions, but four workshops are pretty standard for most MFA programs. If someone has other information, please do share it here.

Stating the obvious: Programs that last more than two years are more likely to give students additional workshop opportunities. This was the case at UMass when I was there.

A good starting point for programs in the Midwest in general: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Washington (MO), Minnesota, and Notre Dame. UPDATE: Our reader Dani reminds me to include Purdue. Now I have, and so should you. Thanks Dani.

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Chad Simpson said...

Just want to add one more: Southern Illinois University Carbondale. It's my alma mater, but I studied fiction, not poetry, so I suppose I'm not being totally self-serving. The poets on staff include Rodney Jones, Allison Joseph, and Judy Jordan, who are all great. Four poetry workshops, three-year program--so there's an extra year to work on the thesis. Recent students, especially in the poetry program, have been publishing very well.