Thursday, June 22, 2006

Idaho Programs

Curious in Connecticut writes...

I've got a tentative list of about 15 schools that needs some narrowing down; the list includes some of your top twenty, as well as a couple that I as of yet don't know too much about. Mainly, the programs at Boise State and the University of Idaho. (I really like the state!) Other then what I found on the program websites, they seem pretty mysterious to me. Do you--or anyone else out there--have any information?

CiC, I have a friend who went to Boise State, liked it a lot, then published her novel soon after her program experience. I like that town too. I wouldn't mind living in Boise. Lots to do in the outdoors, and I like that funky downtown.

I really don't know anything about the U of Idaho graduate program, but maybe some of our readers do. And perhaps someone will have further insights into Boise State.


Alan Cordle said...

See for lots of info on Boise State.

Julie DuRose said...

Doesn't Denis Johnson live in Boise? Can't be too bad.

Unknown said...

I am in the U of I MFA program and it's wonderful. The faculty is sharp: Daniel Orozco (BASS) is incredible, and he's about to blow up; Kim Barnes (Pulitzer finalist) has a novel coming out this fall; Bob Wrigley has too long a list to mention.
The program is close and does a great job of getting students (and faculty) together socially. Part of the reason for this is the classes are really small - this semester, most of the workshops have 6 students.
Downtown Moscow is small and really cozy. 2 hour drive to sizable mountains for recreation.

Anonymous said...

Really the Boise state is Beautiful.In that state there is a University of IDAHO.There are some of IMFA program.From those so many students got jobs.And the faculty is excellent.



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