Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday, June 12th Reading

Well, I'm not listed on the website, so who knows? But I'm supposed to be reading at The Makeout Room on Monday night (the 12th) for LitPac. Stephen Elliott and Andrew Altscul are the hosts, and Michelle Tea, Eric Puchner, Samina Ali, Markos Moulitsas (editor of The Daily Kos), and Jerome Armstrong, and hey, I suppose Tom Kealey, will be reading.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm on. See you on Monday, for those of you who can make it.

7pm is the listed time, but we don't ever get started before 7:30. So if you're free, grab some dinner in The Mission, then head on over to The Makeout Room.

Tickets are 10-20 dollars, sliding scale, and I'll be reading about my experiences at 826 Valencia. Rock on.

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