Thursday, June 22, 2006

Registering on Blogger

Okay all, we're going to Blogger Registration for comments. You'll need to create a quick profile if you haven't already. Of course, feel free to use a codename if you like.

UPDATE: You don't have to create a Blog to register. Just fill out the username info (Step 1), then navigate away from the "Create Your Blog" and/or Template Pages (Steps 2 and 3). You'll be good to go. (You can do this from any "Comment" link of any post)

Two reasons for this:

1. Hopefully it will create more of a community on our site. We'll get to know each other, cyber-wise at least.

2. I'm tired of a few trolls insulting other readers here. As someone pointed out last week: If it's worth saying, it's worth owning. So, no hiding behind "Anonymous" anymore.

Thanks very much to the 99% of visitors who leave such helpful comments. I hope you'll keep coming back.

-- Tom Kealey

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