Monday, June 05, 2006

Same Programs, Same Manuscript?

Round Two for the Rejected writes...

I applied to schools this past year with a manuscript that I now realize was nowhere near ready for scrutiny. However, I'm attached and have a lot of hope for it. I'm currently workshopping it in a class and will have the opportunity to do so once again with another class. Is it completely unheard of to apply to the SAME schools with the SAME manuscript, revised and sparkling? Would it help if I threw a new piece in there as well (obviously not going over given page restraints)?

Round Two, I'd strongly suggest that you submit new work, whether that's all new work, or a combination of the revised old and the new new. But definitely new work. Otherwise, you're keeping the same equation that resulted in rejection last time. Change that equation in some way.

And also, find some new programs to apply to. Spread your nets a little wider if you can. Rock on.

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