Tuesday, June 06, 2006

San Francisco Classes

San Francisco Rec Distress writes...

I'm three years out of school, my grades were semi-atrocious (or to
put it kinder, erratic), and I've actually forgotten the last name of
one of my writing teachers (terrible!). The thought of having to
scrounge up not just one, but three, rec letters is a tad horrifying.
I've ransacked your archives and think a class or seminar at a local
college would be just the ticket. Plus, it'd be a good refresher for,
ahem, the rigors of academia. Could you please recommend any
programs, workshops, etc. in the city?

SFRD, this piano player in the coffeehouse is distracting me. (Actually, he's pretty good). I'm trying to think of the adult education classes that have the best balance of cost and quality.

I'm biased, and it will mean a train trip, but the Stanford Continuing Studies program is terrific. You could take a fiction class from Eric Puchner, Andrew Altschul, or Katharine Noel.

Otherwise, I guess you're looking at San Francisco State, City College, and maybe the New School?

I should know this. But currently I don't. Maybe our readers can help us out. If they don't, SFRC, write me back next week. I'll find an answer for you if it doesn't arise here. Rock on.


BlueVelveeta said...

I had a great experience with the UC Berkeley extension program - I took a poetry workshop with Richard Silberg, who introduced/reintroduced the students to the Bay Area writing community, to established and up-and-coming writers, and to the wonders of revision. I've heard good things about the creative nonfic and fiction workshops as well - worth checking out. CCA offers the occasional writing class, too, if you're interested in a more multi-disciplinary approach. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The Stanford Continuing Ed classes always have great teachers. I also recommend The Writing Salon (www.writingsalons.com). It's a bit cheaper. The teachers are talented and committed -- David Booth, Karen Bjorneby and Junse Kim are excellent.

Anonymous said...

I've taken classes with The Writing Salons and at Berkeley Extension. Junse Kim and Karen Bjorneby are terrific (to echo a previous poster's comment).

Anonymous said...

Terribly sorry for the late reply, but thanks very much for all your help. I think I'll opt for the Stanford bit, as my pally did it last summer, but the Writing Salon sounds totally sweet for a follow-up this fall. Thanks again, everyone!

Kristen said...

I just took a Writing Salon fiction workshop with Joshua Mohr and it was amazing: the most informative and supportive workshop I've ever been in... including grad school.

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