Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Warnborough College

JD asks...

I was wondering what your thoughts are on Warnborough College in Ireland. It's a distance education program and I'm not sure how it's looked at in the professional world. Have you heard anything about it? What does the accreditation mean in Ireland? Is a two-year PhD program long enough? It doesn't seem very reputable.

I don't have any first or second-hand information, JD. Does anyone else?

I do know: It's a distance-learning M.A. or Ph.D program where you can study in more than one genre. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and playwriting.


SSM said...


I am also wrestling with conflicting information regading Warnborough. Much of the negative info appears to be at least 10 years old. I have spoken with one of the Irish government's accreditation agencies (Dept. of Educarion and Science), and was informed that Warnborough was in the process of seeking official status. In addition, the Director of Admissions, Dr. Ng has been quite open with me (via email and telephone) regarding the college's pros and cons. I sense that the school is making a sincere attempt to legitimise itself, while contending with old 'diploma mill' charges. My advice is to contact Warnborough directly, and try a Google search for 'Warnborough College accreditation.' Good luck.

Peter Cooper said...

I attended Warnborough College, Ireland for my MFA. I can say with certainty that Warnborough College is not a diploma mill, they make you work very hard for your Diploma. All professors are very qualified with degrees from major institutions all accreditited.
The school has applied for accredittation within the Irish framework. My education prior to WCI was in the United States in Olympia Washington, at The Evergreen State College. Also a non-traditional school but run by Washington State I received my BA from there. It was voted as one of the top ten liberal art colleges in the USA. I'm proud to have attended both Warnborough College, Ireland and The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA USA.

Peter J.Cooper

Peter Cooper said...

I just would like to correct my typo in my posting, it should read accredited and further down should be accreditation.

Sorry just a bit careless.

Bob said...

If you (or any other alumni) see this post I would be interested in having a more in-depth exchange with you re the quality and validity of the academic work of the college with whom I am contemplating undertaking a PhD.

Bob Waring

MFA2007 said...

Hi Bob Waring,

if you like you can email me and I can answer any questions you may have. jpr0746 at look forward to hearing from you.


Kal said...

Utterly bogus. This "institution" says it's being "trying" to get itself accredited for many years. Boosters of Warnborough College/University/Beanery are busy throughout the internet trying to create a false image of Warnborough as somehow legitimate. It isn't. Save your money — attend a real school...

vernon said...

Warnborough College is listed in the UK by the UK Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills(DIUS) as a 'genuine education provider'. It has ISO9001 and ISO 27001 certifications and is accredited by the ABE and the ICB to provide teaching for their professional examinations. It is clearly not a 'diploma mill'.

Vernon said...

I have noted that Warnborough College (UK) has been accredited in the UK by ASIC as a Premier College. This attests to their academic quality. It is a legitimate school and a good one at that to achieve this status.

Vernon said...

I have noted that Warnborough College (UK) has been accredited in the UK by ASIC as a Premier College. This status clearly defines Warnborough as a genuine institution that has met high academic and other standards. It is certainly not a diploma mill.

MFA2007 said...

I have not seen that on the ASIC website, can you help me out and let me know where you saw that.

MFA2007 said...

I have seen the accreditation by ASIC
as a Premier College. Thanks Vernon. It is a great school. I have enjoyed my studies at Warnborough College Ireland, and hope to do some studies in the near future at WCI. Congratulation's Warnborough College UK Staff and professors.

Heathir Blackwell said...

I'm contemplating doing my PhD is Fine Art there, and was set to apply, until I noticed that their website has been down for a while now.

Is seems like a legit university, but the dead website isn't helping its reputation and now I'm not so sure I'd like to attend - especially because I'd be doing their online program.

MFA2007 said...

Hi Heather,
I tried to get on their website a while back and I was notified that the site is a attack site, I assume some hacker has gotten into their website and screwed it up. I believe it is down because it is being fixed. You can also reach them on their UK website.
It is a great school, my mentor was fantastic. I graduated with a MFA in 2007.


Josef-Peter Roemer

flim said...

To answer the original question, I'd have serious doubts about the quality of any PhD completed in 2 years.
Not sure what that may or may not say about Warnborough, but the two years sets my alarm bells ringing.

As your post is a few years old, all I can say is I hope it worked out.

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