Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Colorado State Program?

MegSF writes...

Hi all-
I'm narrowing my list of MFA programs and have taken Tom's advice
about location to heart. I went to school in CO, left to go to
graduate school, and would really love an excuse to move back. Does
anyone know anything about the CSU MFA program? I mean I know where
it's located etc., but I'm not sure how it's seen in literary circles.
I'm not familliar with most of the faculty, and the program looks a
bit "light." Although I'd love to go somewhere where I actually want
to live, I also want to go to a good, solid program. Any thoughts
would be MUCH appreciated.

Any thoughts from our readers? Meg and I would much appreciate.


My Silver Glove said...

I'm not sure what "light" means, but I can tell you the faculty there are good teachers. If you're looking for literary celebrities, then sure, CSU is "light", but I've taken classes with Steven Schwartz, and i know for a fact he is a good teacher.

I would advise you to be careful when judging schools by literary celebrity, because those types of folks aren't always the best teachers. Can you imagine Hemmingway being all generous with his time, encouraging his students to write write write? Nah, he'd point a shotgun at your face and tell you to scram. CSU has good teachers. Good luck.

megsf said...

Thanks so much! Great advice...

Andrew Scott said...

The folks at CSU, while you may not have heard of them before, are certainly piped into several literary circles. Plus, Colorado Review is there. Pick up an issue and look at the names of their contributing editors (and the writers they publish).

That part of the country is awesome. I bet you'd have a blast living there, get a lot done, have a personal connection with your teachers, and also meet cool visiting writers during dinner or after-reading parties.