Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grammer and Punktuation

Hi Tom,

This is Fear&Loathing in San Francisco. I'm looking at my writing sample and saying, "Dear God, are they going to know all the middle school punctuation I forgot?" I sent a couple samples out already and just caught some comma mistakes related to differences in coordinate and cumulative adjectives (including the conventional order of cumulative adjectives). Anything's fair game on an admissions committee, but how uptight can I expect these committees to be as far as grammar is concerned?

By the way, thanks for your book on getting into MFA programs.




F&L, I can't speak to how any program will respond to grammar problems. Obviously, if there be alot of them. Or if their really obviouous. Than youll have a problem.

Otherwise, my advice is: if it's already in the mail, don't spend time worrying about it. And next time, and this goes for everyone including me, have someone read over your letter before you send it out. Rock on.

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