Monday, September 11, 2006

Important New MFA Website

Anna Mendoza has created a new website based on her MFA research at UPenn. It lists hard-to-find information for lots of MFA programs. More below.

Thanks for all of this work, Anna, and thanks for making it available to the rest of us. You're tops.

The blog <> is a directory of 144 MFA programs in Creative Writing that lists the following for each program:

(1) Degree name
(2) Genres of specialization
(3) Faculty roster
Program Length
(5) Tuition rates
(6) Application materials and the

departments to which they should be sent
(7) Admissions deadline
Financial aid options offered by the program (including details re:tuition remission, stipend size, and %/# of students who receive aid) AND
(9) program website.

The reason I compiled it is that I worked as an
intern at the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania this summer, and it was originally intended as a resource for Penn English majors, but I thought I'd make it available to the entire Internet community. 100% of the information therein comes from searching the website of each program/university.

Anna Mendoza

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