Monday, September 18, 2006

MFAs in Art and Writing

Interdisciplinary and Loving It wrote in and asked why I didn't list many Art Schools in the MFA book. My answer was: I was looking at MFA degrees that are specific to writing, but that's not really acceptable to my mind. The point of the book and blog is to get information in readers' hands.

So, IaLI wrote something up for us, listing a number of these programs. If anyone has insight into her questions, I'd really encourage you to comment. Thanks so much Interdisciplinary.

The following schools have Writing programs - note they are called Writing (or Contemporary Writing) as opposed to Creative Writing but they are MFA degrees. Per your request, I attached my paragraph below.

I write poetry. Professionally, I have forayed into every type of writing including television, film, magazine, speech, and fiction, but for now I write poetry. However, I know myself. Ultimately I want to write experimental works of film/poetry which means I am looking for a writing program that will give me the opportunity to explore different prospects in coursework. For instance, I would like to learn the history and practice of visual poetry. I would like to take a class in translation, if possible. But I don't want to give up great literature study to do it! I'd like to believe these sorts of programs are available at the graduate level in art schools but I can't seem to find any coverage on the handful of programs.

I know I am free to discover whatever I want on my own. I'm asking where are the programs for the writer as an artist, first, technician second? Where are the faculty experiementing with the types of courses they teach? What are your thoughts on Art Schools, Tom?


Interdisciplinary and Loving It


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