Thursday, September 07, 2006

Recommenders Revisited

I'm asking two of my undergrad professors to write recommendations for me when I apply to MFA programs this winter. They knew me well and I think they'll have some very kind things to say about my writing and academic ability. But the third person is up in the air. These are my choices: 1. A published author and freelancer who teaches local writing courses and who headed a 6-week workshop I recently attended. He was impressed with my critiques and writing, but other than that, doesn't really know me. 2. Member of (another) writing group whom I know very well. She's familiar with my writing and critiquing abilities, and we even attended two writing conferences together. She is a young, unpublished writer. 3. Another professor from my undergrad days who will surely remember me by name and academic reputation, and who would probably write something nice, but frankly never knew me very well.


Thanks. I love your blog and book!

--Third Person Limited

Thanks for the kind words Third Person. I see the tough decision you have, and perhaps disappointingly for you, I'm not going to make it for you.

I'll say what I always say about recommendations: Go with who knows you, who'll write something good about you, and who can be trusted to remember the letter and turn it in on time.

Sounds like you've got two good ones already. I guess if I was forced to man-fact, I'd go with #2, since she knows you the best. Good luck.


Third Person Limited said...

Thanks for the man-facting. I think you might be right and the winner is perhaps #2. I just feel hesitant because this person isn't a published writer, professor, or professional in the field. In the end, though, I suppose an honest and positive recommendation from someone who actually knows me (and my writing) might be best. Thanks.

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