Sunday, October 29, 2006

GRE Thread

Well, just because I'm not offering an opinion on GREs anymore, it doesn't mean we can't have a helpful thread on here to help people out.

If you've got insight into good preparation books and materials, or websites for that matter. Add them to the comments section. Here's what we have from two readers on the previous post:

Does anyone have a good book to recommend for reviewing math concepts and skills for the GRE? Maybe something geared toward the English major who hasn't done math in six years?



The Princeton Review book has good explanations for the math concepts. I bought the Barron's book and found it helpful (it has a ton of exercises and practice tests), but its explanations made me feel like a math dunce (it's been 12 years without math for me). Then a friend gave me The Princeton Review book, and I realized it wasn't me, it was the book... Of course, we'll see how well I do when I actually take the test next month.

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Rose said...

I am currently studying for the GRE which I will be taking in October. There are two ways to take free practice tests that are not always included in your GRE prep books.

First link: The Princeton Review website – You should create a usernname and password (totally free) and you can register for a free practice test in your hometown. It’s neat because you take the CAT test in timed environment so you know how to pace yourself once you take the real thing. Additionally, there are other strategy free classes you can also register for.

Second link: The Kaplan Website (same people that also have classes for the SAT and the GRE) – Kaplan also offers free classes and practice tests for the GRE. I signed up for a Math Boot Camp taking place next week and its free! It’s really helpful to know there are more resources than just the GRE books available.

I hope that helps folks! It's helping me out!