Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Recommendations

Hi Tom,

Great blog. Very helpful. Quick question regarding recommendations. I've been away from academic writing workshops for 7 years, though I've been writing fiction and working as an editor at an alternative weekly and NGOs for the bulk of that time. I've got one recommendation in my boss, who can speak to my nonfiction writing, editing and mentorship skills, but when I look to find someone familiar with my fiction work, I come up short.

I've contacted a few previous professors, but they agree that its just been too long since they've been engaged with my writing. I've been thinking of taking several workshop courses at a local writer's center to get some professional feedback and develop those relationships. Any other thoughts or strategies for rounding up 2 other solid recommendations in the next year before I apply?


Too long gone.


That’s it, Too Long Gone: start taking classes and get those recommendations. My sense is that if your boss can comment on your nonfiction and editing skills, you might get away with a 3rd recommender as a colleague or another boss. But yes, you’ll need the 1st recommender as a teacher or workshop leader. Best of luck.

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