Sunday, November 05, 2006

Portable MFA in Creative Writing

Dear Tom,

After doing a search for _The Creative Writing MFA Handbook_ on, I found another title that seems interesting and was wondering if you had read it and would recommend it. The title is _The Portable MFA in Creative Writing_ by the New York Writers Workshop. The book’s description claims it can teach a writer the same skills taught at any MFA program. If you have read this book, is it a good resource to have and do you recommend prospective students who can’t afford graduate school look into options like this book?

Thanks for your help,

Nailbiter from Nevada


Anyone read this book? Any insight? It sounds like a great idea. I’ll order it at work and hopefully have an opinion down the line.


Ryan said...

Unless you are very new to creative writing and/or are interested in several different genres, I'd pass on the book. I received it for my birthday a few months ago and was very disappointed. The fiction section was only about 30 pages long and only had information I'd read in other books already. The book should really be titled "Survey of Creative Writing." There are much better books out there to help with your craft (for fiction, I'd start out with just about anything by John Gardner)

Nurse Fusion said...

Agree with Ryan.

It is a good survey, includes a couple of crafty exercises, and has a catchy title. The Fiction section is quite short and not as inspiring as other sections.

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Brenda Smith said...

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