Sunday, July 08, 2007

Daryll Lynne Evans, MFA Blog Contributor

Daryll Lynne Evans hails from Colorado, but has spent the past four years enjoying the culture and humidity of the Midwest, first pursuing an MA in Kansas, and now as a third-year fictioneer in the MFA program at Purdue. She also works as the assistant director of her department, coordinating the Literary Reading Series, working with the student-run literary journal, and acting as the “cruise director” for the new MFA recruits and current students, answering questions and getting them oriented and involved in the program.

Before returning to school, Daryll Lynne worked in theatre and retail management for thirteen years and live theatre for five years, directing, administrating, and even writing a few children’s shows before taking the big leap into grad school. As a contributor to the MFA blog, she’ll be sharing her insights and experience wrangling the thesis, researching and applying for arts jobs and fellowships after the MFA, and speaking about the trials and tribulations as a non-traditional student. She is also happy to extend her “cruise director” position to the blog, and invites any questions or concerns about the MFA life, especially the first steps.


Unknown said...

I'm also a non-trad (I can't believe how glib I've become about language... non-trad? what's that?). I've been working and doing some traveling the last sixteen years. Now that I'm back in school (just started two weeks ago) I feel so disoriented that out of place that I am actually afraid I've made the wrong decision. I'm so old! Everyone's so young! Plus I'm not really a drinker, which means that I have even less in common with my classmates. Crap... I'm just hoping that I'll find my balance here sometime soon.

Have any advice for an old hag like me, Daryll Lynne?

Bolivia Red said...

Hi L.

Hang in there! I promise you, you are right wehre you're supposed to be. You beat out dozens of young 'uns to be there, too, so have faith for a few weeks until everything settles down.

I hope you don't mind if I answer this in a regular post, so others in the same boat might see it.

Happy day.

Unknown said...

Fancy running into you on the internet, Daryll Lynne. I was just googling around, seeing if anyone was hiring writing teachers in the Chicago area. Know any blogs with advice on how to parlay one's MFA into a job while working towards that first book?

eq said...

Hey, Daryll, it's Vic! I hope all is well for you. We're back in Michigan, and for a while I was writing a humor column (won an award for it last year), but haven't done much writing in a while. Am considering going back to school. Lots going on here. Email me and let's catch up. :-)


Akirk said...


I'm not really sure where or to whom I should ask this question, so please point me in a better direction if you'd like, but I'll ask anyway.

I'm a college senior who was looking at the MFA -Creative Writing program, but I haven't really started thinking about it, and I'm sure it's far too late to be considered for fall 2009. I think I'd like to take a break for a year, but when I start looking again, I'd like to look at schools with a) esteemed gay/lesbian/queer programs and b) something that would help me develop in something called 'personal essay'. My academic advisor told me that the latter option is something I'd be good at, but I'm not sure what it's officially called or how to look for it in an MFA program.

Do you have any suggestions?