Monday, July 09, 2007

Jason Donnelly, MFA Blog Contributor

Jason Donnelly has a year left in his low-residency MFA in creative writing at Wilkes University. He would like to contribute to the MFA Blog by talking about his experiences in a low-residency program and help others thinking about going the low-residency route.

He is currently working on a novel, tentatively titled "Five Stitches," and working full-time at a local college in Pennsylvania.

If you need to contact him for any reason, please email him at jasonwdonnelly (at)


Ryan Gibbs said...

Wow, I see you're a fan of Chucky P. ... even to the point of having multiple copies of the same book on hand? Assuming he's one of your influences, would you say your writing is at all comparable to his, and, if so, how has that particular flavor of fiction been received at your program? Also, do you happen to post over at The Cult? (Sorry for the barrage of questions. Haha.)

n0velidea said...

Hey Ryan, I guess you could say Chuck got me started writing. I read Fight Club and never turned back. The copies are hardcover, softcover, and in the right corner, proofs.

Back when I first started writing I sounded like Chuck, I wrote like him, I wanted to be him, but the more I write and the more I read, the less I sound like him.

I used to post at the Cult, then it went pay and I went to The Velvet...

Ryan Gibbs said...
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Ryan Gibbs said...

Another good board. I'm actually taking SGJ's fiction class next semester (I go to Texas Tech.) Can't wait.

Have you read The Contortionist's Handbook, by Craig Clevenger yet? Haven't inhaled a book like that in a long while... I'd highly recommend it.

(sorry for the deleted post... misspelled 'Clevenger'... guess you can't edit once it's posted)

n0velidea said...

Yeah, I actually went out drinking with Craig and Chris (WCB) when I lived out in AZ. I've devoured all of their books. Dermaphoria is one of my desert island books.