Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mae West sounds like “a pigeon from New Jersey that learned to talk”

And now, for a quick note unrelated to art schools:

Last week on NPR, I heard a great program called “Vocal Impressions.” The program plays sound clips of several famous people speaking or singing, and then listeners try to write descriptions of what the voices sounded like. For example, one person described Bobby Short’s voice as “a peaceful river asking directions to the sea,” while someone else pegged Sean Connery’s voice as “the voice of God's more athletic brother who is home from college for the weekend.”

This struck me as a good writing exercise, and also as a nice reminder that there’s a lot of creativity floating around out there…

You can check out the website here.


Vince said...

Thanks for sharing this site with us. The reactions are funny! Some of them are down right inappropriate. It's great brain candy for the soul. It does help to be aware of the five senses when writing.

Tom Kealey said...

Hey, I love this. Thanks for posting it Abby.