Monday, September 03, 2007

Discussion on how to bind the writing sample

Raina asked:

How would you go about sending a writing sample? Just a simple printout or would you add a table of contents? Send it in a binder? Report cover?

Any help would be appreciated.

To which Luke further added:


Staple or paper clip?

And so here is the discussion that grew out of it inside the Mailbag.

Mike's advice: "Simple printout or would you add a table of contents?--Simple printout; maybe if you have multiple stories and/or poems, then a one-page title page with your name and a listing of the contents. Nothing more. Send it in a binder? Report cover?--No binders, no covers. Staple or paper clip?--If the school specifies, then do that. If not, then staple. I'd recommend putting your name on every page, like in a corner as a header (with page number)."

l.'s advice: "There's no need to staple or clip if you put your name on every page and number each of these. I'd only staple or clip if the program specifically asked for that."

m. ramirez talusan's advice: "Paper or binder clip... staples make it harder for readers to look through the manuscript quickly."

Any other opinions can be added in the comments section. My take is that people shouldn't worry too much about little things like staples vs. paper clips vs. the kind of clip that's like a small clamp, etc. Granted, like Mike said don't do anything incredibly annoying like have it in a cumbersome binder/folder/duotang that makes it hard to take out of. And I agree with l. and m. that a paper clip or nothing at all makes it easier for the committee to flip through: but really, this is not going to make the difference as to whether you get in or not. Trust me. Reeeelax. ;)

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