Monday, September 17, 2007

Mailbag for Monday, September 17

Pardon us everyone. Time for a new mailbag post. Questions? Concerns? Musings? Just ask. None of us bite. Otherwise, you can e-mail me at regards!


Sean said...

Hi there!

What do you think is the best way to approach a department about possibly visiting campus, meeting faculty, and possibly sit in on a class? Is this an appropriate thing to do as you begin the search process?

Karissa Chen said...

Sorry if this has been answered before but...

In your opinion, do you think that the personal statement should be more of a letter (like closer to, say, a cover letter you'd write to a company, but obviously about yourself and writing and goals) or more of a narrative/college-type essay (where it's almost a little creative non-fic/slice-of-life format)?

Sonia Quinones said...

Well, my question might come across as odd. I'm planning on applying to several MFA programs this year scattered all over the country--California, Texas, Indiana, but being realistic, I've also been thinking of what to do if I don't get in.

One idea that I came up with was possibly moving to a community with a strong literary scene, in terms of events, workshops, etc, where the cost of living is reasonable, aka, not NYC. Any suggestions or ideas?

Anonymous said...


I'm applying to several MFA programs and one PhD in Creative Writing and Literature (for poetry). The PhD requires a 10-20 page critical writing sample. While I was an English major my first two years in college, my subsequent undergrad and grad experiences were in other fields. So, I don't have a critical writing sample.

I've started an essay that is a close reading of a novel I really liked, but I'm concerned that I don't know the rules for a critical sample: should it have citations of other research? compare more than one work of literature in answering a question or problem? engage with literary theory (of which I know little)? what point of view should it be written in (eg, is first person prohibited)?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. (And if I've published this too late in the week, I can try again next week.)


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