Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cup and Pen Small Press Reading Series
Calamari Press
With readings by
Alexandra Chasin,
Robert Lopez
Eva Talmadge

Wednesday December 12th, 2007
Free as a bird!

Cup and Pen puts Calamari Press back under the looking machine and pulls up the rorschachian images presented by their language-driven magazine sleepingfish. New Pages lit review claims “This is a journal where the swish of the cat’s tail might be appreciated for its metonymical qualities before the cat suddenly leaps off the balcony and into a cloud.” Readings by Alexandra Chasin, Robert Lopez and Eva Talmadge are prescribed by those who care and want to see you reconnect with your inner beauty-maker. Emceed by Rebecca Alvarez with as much love as is musterable.

Cup and Pen, a twice-monthly small press reading series in the back room of Think Coffee, hopes to create a series in which readers discover new presses to support and introduce emerging writers to publishers. Huzzah!

Think Coffee
248 Mercer St and 3rd Street, NY 10012
BDFV to Broadway Lafayette/6 to Bleeker/ NRW to Prince Street
(212) 228-6226

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Seth Abramson said...

Not sure the MFA Weblog is the appropriate place for this posting.

Also, with all due respect intended, did "Prince Gotama" put up a bio-post w/ photo like the rest of the contributors, so visitors here know who s/he actually is? I had thought we were supposed to go by our real names, as theoretically we're dispensing advice to/giving information to folks who really need it. Don't they have the right to know who we are?