Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Alex writes in about UNCG's MFA blog. I'd like to see more programs move in this direction...

Hi Tom --

First, thanks for the work you put into your blog (and book). I'm an MFA applicant this year and found both resources to be helpful.

I thought this might merit its own post so I didn't put the info in a comment: UNC-Greensboro has a recruitment blog up at http://www.mfagreensboro.blogspot.com/

They have some good info there, including a new thread that encourages you to ask questions of current students. They also answer the question, "Do I need to send a personal statement with my app to UNCG?" The answer, interestingly enough, is no. That's the only school of my 8 choices to say that.


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David said...

I apologize--this question does not actually relate to this post. But I was wondering if current MFA students notice a trend among their peers in terms of who their literary influences are. Do you hear mainly the same authors? (For example, if you poll a group of NBA players of who they patterned their game from, I'm probably safe to assume you'll undoubtedly hear the same names--Jordan, Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, etc. I highly doubt anyone of those players will toss out a name like Craig Hodges or Blue Edwards.) Is this the case in your MFA experience?