Friday, February 08, 2008

Labels and Blog Layout

Hi all,
I'm going to briefly interrupt the writing discussion by introducing myself. I'm Lily, and while I'm an MFA Blog Contributor, I'm not really one to "blog" per se (actually I'm kind of shy about it). My contribution is in the organization, behind the scenes.

You might notice an addition to the blog layout -- that's the Labels section in the right sidebar. Here you'll find access to many posts with the same topic. Suppose you're invested in reading all there is to read on Writing Samples, click away at the label, Applications-Writing Sample, and voila! (you get the idea). Labeling all posts on the blog is still in the works. And while you're digging through, please take note of the date on the post you're reading... some information, say regarding acceptance rates, funding figures, etc. is likely to change over time.

I hope everyone finds the new feature helpful. I'm very open to suggestions and concerns. If you think a topic is missing or mislabeled, feel free to comment here and let me know! Thanks everyone!


Pensive495 said...

Thanks for the new feature! That will be really helpful!

caitlin said...

thanks! your work on the blog is greatly appreciated :) and don't be so shy

Sarah & Orhan said...

Thank you for all your work, Lily!

me said...

awesomeness. major props to you, Lily.

Abby QH said...

wow, sweet. thanks, lily.