Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stanford Online Creative Writing Classes

Hi Everyone. From time to time I remind people when the Stanford Continuing Studies Online Courses are available. We're signing people up for Spring right now for a variety of Creative Writing courses. Do visit if you're interested...

From Dan Colman, Director of Stanford Continuing Studies, and webmaster of Open Culture:

Quick fyi: Starting Monday, you can sign up for online writing courses at Stanford. (See list below.) Offered by Stanford Continuing Studies and the Stanford Creative Writing Program (one of the most distinguished writing programs in the country), these online courses give beginning and advanced writers, no matter where they live, the chance to refine their craft with gifted writing instructors and smart peers. Just to be clear, the courses are not free, and they will start the first week of April. For more information, click here, or separately check out the FAQ.

(Full disclosure: I helped set up these courses and think they’re a great educational opportunity. But nonetheless take my opinion with a grain of salt.)

Spring Courses:

By the way, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to keep the mind engaged, give some thought to Stanford Continuing Studies. Our full spring catalogue is here.


K.G. Schneider said...

I am just finishing the food writing class with Malena Watrous. It has been a wonderful experience! Great class, great instructor, great students. I'm already sad that class is ending *sniff* ... Particularly for those of us in the boonies with limited opportunities for continuing ed in writing, the Stanford series is wonderful.

Annie said...

Does anyone have any insight into how the Stanford online program compares to the one at UCLA? I have heard only good things about UCLA'S courses, but less about Stanford. It certainly looks appealing, but I am wondering why it costs over 200 dollars more than UCLA.

Any idea as to why it is so expensive? Is it worth the extra money?

Sada said...

Hi Annie, I was wondering the same thing. I am currently taking my third course with UCLA (online creative writing program) and have nothing but praise. However, I also would like to know what the advantage/benefit is to Stanford especially considering the cost difference. Can anyone help? Thanks, Sada

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