Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Emily Benton, MFA Blog Contributor

Emily A. Benton will be applying to MFA CW programs in poetry for the second time this year, much to her surprise. After three acceptances, one waitlist, and six rejections, she didn’t find a perfect match and begrudgingly changed her criteria for what she needs out of an MFA. (And lost a few hundred dollars through the process.) Emily blogged about her wild, sometimes crazy (OK, insane) MFA application experience here: http://realitywrites.wordpress.com/

Emily has B.A.’s in Communication-Journalism and Studio-Art from Queens University of Charlotte, where she also minored in Writing. She is a freelance writer and former staff writer for The Charlotte Observer. Her poetry has appeared in storySouth, Iodine Poetry Journal, Main Street Rag, and THRIFT. She is involved in two cross-genre writing workshops in Charlotte, and recently decided on a topic for her first chapbook.

Emily hopes to open the discussion for MFA applicants going about this the second, third or even fourth time around, and disperse any wisdom she gathered from first try to new applicants.

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Alex said...

Hi Emily --

This is the year for the perfect match!

Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing how it goes...